SBM gets the best performances out of the propellers by putting the best metal into them. A propeller material must have strenght, high impact resistance, excellent corrosion resistance, high ductility and good repairability.
Two outstanding bronze alloys meets these requirements in all respects: OTS and NAB.


The Manganese Bronze alloy, produced by modern, has all the necessary qualities to guarantee a product which is dimensionally long lived.
Mechanical properties are the following:

Mechanical resistance R= 530 N/mm²
Yelding S= 220 N/mm²
Elongation A5=25%

This outstanding nickel-aluminium-bronze alloy has the highest strenght pratical in a propeller material along with high ductility and resistance both to corrosion and cavitation erosion.
Mechanical properties are the following:

Mechanical resitance R= 600 N/mm²
Yelding S= 250 N/mm²
Elongation A5=20%

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